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About Call Bird
Our Mission, Site Policies and How to Contact Us.

CallBird offers excellent deals for residential telephone users.Welcome to Call Bird! Our mission is to help you save on all of your residential or small business telephone calling needs.

We're a service of, a telecommunications marketing company offering a wide range of low cost long distance plans, pre-paid and billable calling cards, broadband phone, business or family conference calling, and Internet services.

At Call Bird, we help you understand the confusing language of the telecommunication industry. We'll explain the jargon in terms that make sense and allow you to compare one service with another. We'll also present new ideas to save money and make your life easier with the latest telephone services.

Our Privacy Policy
Call Bird is committed to your privacy. Any information you give us about yourself, including your email address and phone number, will ONLY be used to help you select and order the telecommunications services we offer. We will NEVER spam you with unsolicited commercial email offers, and we won't share your information with anyone but the companies we represent. We only ask to be treated with the same consideration.

How To Contact Us
Call Bird is intended to be an automated online service that makes it easy to learn about telephone services and easily order the services you want online, anytime you wish.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this site, or find something that is not working properly, please feel free to contact us at:

Thank you for visiting. We hope that you find Call Bird helpful in discovering and selecting telephone services that are useful and an excellent value.


John & Barbara

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