Instant meetings alongside scheduling

No more missed opportunities, no more delays. Use live video to always be available for a conversation.

Callbird comes with a 14-day free trial.
Callbird - Instant meetings mean no more missed opportunities | Product Hunt

Integrates with your existing tech stack


Replace your Calendly link with Callbird, and give your audience the chance to meet right away.

Your leads can choose to meet instantly using Callbird, and skip long sales cycles or, book a meeting for later using your favorite scheduling solution.

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Instant Instant conversations

Face to face meetings right on your website

Allow your website visitors to meet with you instantly, anytime you're online.
Skip the back and forth.
Create a personal connection with your leads.
Gain competitive advantage by being first to converse.
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Increase Increase website conversions
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Bring instant meetings to specific landing pages

Expose your sales team to visitors on high buying intent landing pages.

Leads can choose to meet instantly, or to book a call in the future.

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Instant Embeddable solution

Never miss an opportunity for a conversation

Perfect for anyone looking to have an easier way to connect with customers and leads

SaaS and Enterprise Software
Engage face-to-face with website visitors. Qualify leads instantly and increase the velocity of your sales process.
Professional Services
Show exceptional service from the start. Create a personal connection that builds a lasting client relationship.
Support Teams
Offer the best possible support - instant video calls with your support directly in your solution.

Don't lose a prospect due to lost interest.

Salespeople: stop mining leads and start having conversations.

Salespeople are ready, willing and able to have conversations - but are gated behind forms, calendars and landing pages. Stop mining for your next prospect, and be available for them to engage with you.

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Instant Instant conversations
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Leads are eager, but they won't be for long.

Make sales easy again - Callbird allows frictionless connection between sales and leads. Cut out the middleman and have conversations instantly.

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Increase Increase website conversions

Open your office door to the internet

Callbird comes with a 14-day free trial.

With the Callbird Widget, you add 1 line of code

and turn your website into a conversation starter


Install the Callbird Widget with one line of code, or simply install on your Shopify or Wordpress site


Sales and support teams set prerecorded video or livestream straight to the Callbird Widget


Website visitors click them to seamlessly engage in a meaningful conversation without leaving your website

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Never miss an opportunity to convert a visitor to a conversation

Actively monitor your web visitors
See what visitors on your site are seeing. Engage with them directly while their interest is at its peak.
Get alerted when sales should engage
Setup alerts to notify when leads are on your site from a designated marketing campaign.
Use CRM data to add value
Know when your leads and customers are surfing your site. Write web visitor details back to CRM.
Reveal the companies of web visitors
Turn anonymous website visits into actionable intel, create personalized buying experiences in real-time.
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See the Callbird Widget in action on your website